Created 23-Jul-11
The photo galleries located here contain a few select photos that can be purchased as prints. I do not normally sell prints of my photos, however, I have received requests on a few photos for prints and have made them available here.

Please keep in mind that I do not receive any profit from your purchase. When you order a print, the transaction is strictly between you and the printing service.

Because photos must be cropped to achieve the correct size, I have created galleries here with the photos already cropped to the ratio indicated by the gallery. So if you order a photo from the 8x10 gallery and do not order a photo of that aspect ratio, the printing service may additionally crop the photo to fit the other size selected and you may not receive the photo as it appears on the screen. When ordering prints, please keep this in mind and order the correct size print from each gallery.

If you order an 8x10 print, or similar ratio, such as 16x20 from the "8x10" gallery, no further cropping should be necessary. I have already cropped and sized the images to the ratio listed on each gallery.

Select one of the below galleries to continue. Once viewing a gallery, click on a thumbnail to go to the viewing screen where you can then purchase.

8x10 aspect ratio

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6 photos
Created 17-Jan-15
Modified 17-Jan-15
8x10 aspect ratio

10x15 aspect ratio

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3 photos
Created 11-Feb-15
Modified 11-Feb-15
10x15 aspect ratio

7.5x15 aspect ratio

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Created 24-Jul-11
Modified 24-Jul-11
7.5x15 aspect ratio