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On August 21, 2017 was a special day for a great many people. This was the day of the Total Solar Eclipse that crossed the entire United States. Millions of people traveled and gathered everywhere to view this rare event. I was one of those that traveled to see this event. I originally scheduled a trip to Nebraska, but made last minute changes due to the weather forecast and actually went to Wyoming to view this event. I was approximately 5 miles east of Douglas, WY and I was pleased with my decision to change my plans because the skies were completely clear the entire day.

I took a variety of photographs throughout the event. It was hard to know for sure how to photograph certain things, like the Diamond Ring effect, but a lot of practice and research went into my trip and these photos are the result of that. I know these are not the best photos of the eclipse you will see, but I'm very excited I was able to witness and photograph this eclipse as I may never have another opportunity to do so again.

Please note in the time lapse photo showing the numerous stages of the eclipse from start to beginning that has the landscape in it, this is a composite image because the sun was much too high to photograph both together. I did this though to show the landscape of the area I was at and to show the progression of the sun throughout the entire eclipse. I also have two images that are multiple exposures merged together to show the detail in from the inner corona to the outer corona. It is not possible to capture the corona in a single exposure and the only way to show this is with multiple exposures that are merged together.

I even thought to take a photo of the beautiful sunrise and sunset from that day! The sunrise photo was taken south west of Edgemont, SD and the sunset photo was taken at the Wall rest stop on I-90 in South Dakota!

I hope you enjoy viewing these photos as much as I did taking them! If you ever have an opportunity to view a total solar eclipse, I highly recommend it! Trust me, it is so much more impressive than any photograph can show. I drove over a total of 12 hours that day, had a flat tire, and dealt with an unbelievable amount of traffic and I'm telling you it was worth every second!