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The photographs in this gallery have been sized and cropped specifically to be printed via the "fotoflōt" service as a "Desk Stand" in the 7.5"x15" size. If you select a print other than this size, the photo will be cropped and you won't get exactly what you are seeing on the screen.

Please keep in mind that I do not receive any profit from your order and cannot be responsible for problems with the order.

To purchase a photo, please click on the photo(s) below to view it. Once viewing, you can click the 'Buy' link at the top right part of the screen or you can 'hover' your mouse in the upper left hand corner of the viewed image. As you hover, after a second or two, a popup menu should appear. When the popup icons appear, click the 'Buy' icon. This will take you to a screen with various choices for purchasing. Click 'Select' to display information on that particular print. (NOTE: Clicking 'Select' does NOT add the photo to your cart or initiate the purchase process.) Once you have selected the type of print you want, click the Add to Cart to purchase.
South Dakota Capitol and Lightning