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In the summer of 2008, we took a family vacation to Custer State Park in the Black Hills of South Dakota. In the park is a large herd of buffalo. These animals are quite impressive. We managed to find the main herd one evening and I took several photos of them, including one massive buffalo among them. A guide that worked there said they let 4-5 buffalo's live out their life instead of selling them during the round up and I was fortunate that one walked right by me considering the herd is about 1,500 buffalo in size. Ever since then, I told myself I would get more photos of buffalo and I have. I was able to photograph the 2010 Buffalo Roundup in the Custer State Park in the Black Hills of South Dakota and I have been back to Custer State Park and also Wind Cave National Park to get more buffalo photos. Also in this gallery are some photos from a private buffalo herd along Mission Ridge Road, northwest of Pierre, SD.

I realize these are not technically 'buffalo' and are actually bison, but everyone knows these animals by the name of buffalo. I found out quickly that the buffalo can be a hard animal to photograph with the dark hide and dark eyes, but when you can capture them, they truly are a majestic animal! But beware, they can be very unpredictable and dangerous, so keep your distance.