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I normally do not shoot sporting events, but I was able to attend some of the Ft. Pierre River Region High School Rodeo held at the Stanley County Fairgrounds in Ft. Pierre, SD on June 9, 10, 2018. I found it challenging, frustrating, and rewarding to photograph this type of event!

I was only able to attend for some of the rodeo events on each day, so I apologize to all the wonderful athletes for not getting photos of you and your events.

I am what you'd call a 'rookie rodeo photographer' because I have almost no experience with photographing this type of event, and have little familiarity with the way the action unfolds during the events. Thank you Bob Grandpre and Michelle Maupin Barrett for all the info and helpful tips! The action was fast and always on going in two arena's, but it was a fun opportunity for me to challenge myself and learn some new things. I made many mistakes as I would expect being new to this, but did manage to get some fair photographs in the process.

Thank you to all the extreme athletes who participated! You guys rock! And thank you to everyone at the Ft. Pierre River Region High School rodeo for doing this event.

Because I wasn't able to photograph many of the athletes or events, I kept way more photographs than I normally would that I took at the events I was able to shoot and have posted them here. Again, my apologies to everyone I missed or messed up in the photos!