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On July 31, 2011 I attended a photo walk led by South Dakota Tourism senior photographer Chad Coppess at the Oahe Speedway north of Pierre, SD. This isn't something I've ever photographed or even watched before, so when Chad announced this photo walk, I was excited to attend.

The event at the Oahe Speedway on this day was the Coca Cola Points Race w/National Dragster Challenge/Junior Jam.

I was surprised by how many racers and families were involved with this racing, along with the number of young racers there. When I arrived at the speedway, I saw dozens of campers, rv's, and tents the racers, family members, and others had stayed over night in. It was obvious that these people were passionate about their racing and I really enjoyed the event. I was somewhat surprised by the lack of spectators for this event as I'm sure many folks would have enjoyed watching it.

This gallery contains many photos I managed to take. I found photographing this type of event would take a lot of practice and multiple visits as many of my photographs did not turn out well, but I enjoyed it none the less and the photo walk was certainly a success!

If racers or family members of racers would like a copy of any of these photos, just drop me a note and let me know which photo(s) and I can send them to you.