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In March of 2015, there was a family of Great Horned Owls nesting at the Public Safety building here in Pierre, SD. Apparently this isn't the first year for this, but when I received word about these owls I had to go and take some photos of them. There were three babies, that were grown quite a bit by the time I photographed them. After a short time, two of the three babies had moved down to a lower window. I wasn't able to photograph both adults, but did get a few photos of one of them. These are the first owls that I have ever seen up close or had a chance to photograph, so the experience was quite satisfying to see these animals!

Since this time, I did get another photo of 3 sibling owls also at the Public Safety building in April 2016 and I also came across a Great Horned owl out at the Oahe Downstream area by the Oahe Dam. I managed to get a few photos of this one and have included them in this gallery.