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Once again this year, the Power On The Prairie airshow was held in Sioux Falls on the weekend of July 23/24, 2016. I was able to attend on the 2nd day of the airshow.

There were some of the same planes from previous shows and some new planes. The weather started out with mostly clear skies, but quickly turned to overcast with a heavy cloud cover. Regardless of the weather and poor lighting for taking photos, it was a thrill to take in all the planes and performers. The skill of the pilots always amazes me and the joy of watching military planes, old and new, never gets old. I took several photos and normally wouldn't post this many in a gallery, but it was such fun I figure why not include some extra photos. I hope you enjoy viewing the photos and get a small feel for what it was like to be there when I took them.

You'll notice the first photo is of a Blue Angel jet. That is because they had performed maintenance on this plane and had to take it up for a maintenance check flight early in the morning, prior to the airshow beginning. I almost missed getting this photo as this single pass the pilot performed was unexpected and he had flew passed the crowd before anyone knew what was going on!