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Thank you for visiting my galleries. I hope you enjoy my photos that I have stored here. You can find all my galleries below in the All Photgraphs section. Or click on a gallery I have listed in my Featured Galleries section. I normally do not sell prints of my photographs, as I do photography for my own personal enjoyment. However, I have had a few requests for prints, so I have started to make a few available for purchase in the 'Purchase Prints' gallery below. If you find a photo on my sight and you really would like to get a print, let me know and I'll consider making it available in that gallery. I do have a great many of my photos available as computer desktop backgrounds that you can freely download for personal use only too. Go to that gallery below to see if there's anything you like!

The majority of the photos here have not been cropped or sized for printing or more focused viewing of the subjects. I opened my account here to host photos that family, friends, and others might enjoy viewing. I am especially flattered when our war veterans comment to me on a photograph they particularly like. If you are a war veteran and would like a printed photo, please contact me and I can make it available for purchase at cost and no profit to me. (You've earned it!)

The galleries here will be changing as I find time to photograph new and interesting things and can get them organized and uploaded, so please check back in the future when time permits to see what is new and updated. And before you leave, please feel free to sign my guestbook to let me know you stopped by.

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Keith H. Hemmelman

I have been a hobbyist photographer for over 30 years. My interest and activity with photography has varied over this time but it has been since 2003 that it really caught hold of me. I have to think part of my interest in photography came from my mother, who we affectionately called "the camera lady", as she would see to it that no event in our lives growing up escaped getting at least a few moments of it captured on film. She understood the importance of family memories, even if we didn't at the time. As I got older, I got into photography because I enjoyed capturing the images and scenes that I came across. I found it fascinating, when on that rare occasion, you could capture a scene with your camera and have it look more dramatic or memorable than it was in real life. Or that you could capture a different perspective of a scene that could give a whole different outlook to the image. I find that today I enjoy photography every bit as much as I did when I started. And just like when I started, I still do photography for my own enjoyment and I'm very flattered when others find my photos enjoyable too.

I live in Pierre, South Dakota and work as a computer technology engineer. I enjoy nature and wildlife photography and also photographing different events and places. I enjoy photography very much and do it as much as I can (and my family allows!), and I hope to continue doing it for as long as possible.

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Meeker Ranch

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Created 7-Apr-16
Modified 7-Apr-16
Meeker Ranch


Visitors 56
82 photos
Created 20-Feb-15
Modified 20-Feb-15

Custer State Park

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56 photos
Created 20-Feb-15
Modified 20-Feb-15
Custer State Park

Wind Cave National Park

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20 photos
Created 20-Feb-15
Modified 20-Feb-15
Wind Cave National Park

Cathedral of the Prairie

Visitors 2323
49 photos
Created 5-May-13
Modified 5-May-13
Cathedral of the Prairie

Recently Added

South Dakota State Capitol

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208 photos
Created 22-Oct-16
Modified 22-Oct-16
South Dakota State Capitol

Sunsets, Sunrises, Clouds, Lightning, Water, and the Sky

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174 photos
Created 22-Oct-16
Modified 22-Oct-16
Sunsets, Sunrises, Clouds, Lightning, Water, and the Sky

Street Masters - 2016

Visitors 73
114 photos
Created 14-Aug-16
Modified 14-Aug-16
Street Masters - 2016

Power On The Prairie (2016)

Visitors 21
239 photos
Created 29-Jul-16
Modified 29-Jul-16
Power On The Prairie (2016)

Fireworks 2016 - SD State Capitol

Visitors 12
51 photos
Created 6-Jul-16
Modified 6-Jul-16
Fireworks 2016 - SD State Capitol

Sioux Avenue Cruise Night - 2016

Visitors 216
360 photos
Created 13-Jun-16
Modified 13-Jun-16
Sioux Avenue Cruise Night - 2016

The Badlands

Visitors 47
187 photos
Created 13-May-16
Modified 13-May-16
The Badlands

Greater Prairie-Chicken & Sharp-tail Grouse

Visitors 17
79 photos
Created 22-Apr-16
Modified 22-Apr-16
Greater Prairie-Chicken & Sharp-tail Grouse

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Guestbook for Keith H. Hemmelman
11.Ann Sines(non-registered)
Keith, I've soaked up as much as I can in one visit. Some make me laugh, some make me cry. I'll be back. This is beyond anything I imagined. Ann
Wow.. I am quite impressed by your photography skills, especially in the projects like macro and silhouette. And I really want to know how you managed to click those air show images, because using a high zoom index lens would obviously lead to shake, which I can’t trace here.
i loved the images
8.Johnson Serra(non-registered)
Everything is very open with a really clear description of the challenges. It was truly informative. Your website is very useful. Many thanks for sharing!
6.Prith Bhosale(non-registered)
Hi Keith,

I work with Ray Hamman at Johns Hopkins University. I'm into photography as well and we often talk about photos and photography in general. He shared your website with me. You have some wonderful pictures out there!! Great job!

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